Friday, 17 November 2017

REVIEW: Palmer's Coconut Oil range

I started using the Palmer's Cocoa Butter range in my teens and fell in love with its buttery, delicious formula and incredible scent (it smells just like chocolate). Fast forward many years later and I still use their products daily, so when I was contacted by Palmer's to sample some of their product range, I jumped at the chance!

I was sent three products from their Coconut Oil Formula range: The Coconut Oil Body Scrub, the Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm and the Coconut Oil Body Oil. All three products are infused with Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi Oil, which are two scents right up my alley! Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on each product, so keep reading for my review!

The Coconut Oil Body Oil* contains sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi Oil to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin. It claims to offer 24 hour moisture, which after using over the past two weeks I can attest to. I absolutely love this body oil and the level of moisture it offers my skin. It has a pump to dispense the oil which is so convenient to use; a few squirts is enough to hydrate the whole body. I love the ease of a body oil and actually prefer it to body butters and moisturisers; they are just so convenient to apply and sink into the skin quicker. The scent is lovely and light, and leaves a subtle coconut scent on the skin after application. I am really loving this body oil and have been reaching for it every night after my shower.

The Coconut Oil Cleansing Balm* is a paraben free, gluten free and mineral oil free cleanser which melts grime and makeup off the skin. Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi Oil help to keep the skin deeply hydrated . I don’t often use cleansing balms as I prefer the ease of ordinary cream cleansers, however I was really blown away by this product. After a few seconds of massaging the balm into my skin, all of my makeup completely dissolved. My skin was left feeling very soft and clean, and ready for the next step of my skincare routine. The balm transforms into a creamy cleanser when it comes into contact with the skin, so it feels really rich and luxurious. I've tried out a few cleansing balms in the past and this is definitely the best one I've ever used. I like the fact that it doesn't strip any oils from the skin and leave it with that 'tight' feeling, as my skin is on the drier side. This cleanser is perfect for removing heavier makeup or when you feel like treating yourself to a decadent pamper night. 

The Coconut Oil Body Scrub* is a grainy scrub infused with Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi Oil to leave skin feeling smooth and moisturised. I had just run out of my current scrub so this came at the perfect time. Firstly, I really like the formula of this scrub; it’s nice and grainy, so I feel it gives the skin a good scrubbing! I normally apply it with my hands and scrub my body in circular motions, and my skin feels so soft and smooth after use! There is nothing worse than using a scrub that leaves the skin dry and itchy, and this scrub did an amazing job of leaving my skin incredibly hydrated. I also love the convenience of the flip top- I find screw tops very fiddly (especially in the shower) so this was appreciated! The Coconut Oil Body Scrub is a great, everyday exfoliator to keep in the shower, and especially great for prepping the skin for fake tan. 

It's no surprise that I adored all three products, seeing as I'm obsessed with coconut anything! I actually use quite a lot of Palmer's products in my everyday life so it was nice to have the chance to sample some of their newer releases! 

Have you tried anything from the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula range? What did you think?

xo Roxane. 

*Thank you to Palmer’s for collaborating with A Beauty Wanderer! All products were kindly gifted for consideration, however this does not impact on my review or thoughts and all opinions remain 100% my own. 

Monday, 13 November 2017

REVIEW: A Mecca Max haul

I recently went into Mecca to check out the new Mecca Max line, as I had some leftover funds on a gift card. If you follow this blog you may know that I purchased the Life Proof Longwear Foundation a few weeks ago and absolutely love it, so I was itching to try more products from their range. After spending some time at the stand and testing out some of their products, the City Slicker Tinted Oil in Rose and the Sunlit Skin Bronzer in Medium made it into my basket. The lip gloss was planned; the bronzer was an impulse buy which I just could not pass up. After testing out both products I feel ready to write my review.

I love Mecca Max's packaging! So pretty. 

The City Slicker Tinted Oil is a beautiful lip gloss that hydrates the lips and keeps them shiny. As the name suggests, it is a lip tint so it gives the lips a light wash of colour. Firstly, the texture is quite runny and wet, so it's not a thick lip gloss. It coats the lips nicely and does not feel sticky on. Even though the formula is runny, only a small amount is needed to coat the lips sufficiently. The shade Rose is absolutely lovely and is quite bright; brighter than I was expecting. It's more of an amped up rose shade, and gives the lips a nice pop of colour. I've been wearing this shade during the day and it's a nice way to brighten up my face. I do wish it lasted a bit longer on the lips though; it tends to wear off quickly. Other than that, it's a nice, everyday gloss. Can we also take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging? It speaks directly to the girly girl in me! 
Details: This gloss comes in three colours and retails for $16 each.

The Sunlit Skin Bronzer is a lovely, shimmery bronzer which warms the face up subtly. I was initially tossing up between the Light and Medium and decided to go with the Medium as I prefer wearing bronzer when I self-tan. The texture is nicely pigmented; one swipe of my brush and it picked up a good amount of product, so I'd suggest going in with a lighter hand to build it up. I found applying it on top of liquid foundation made it a bit difficult to spread, but maybe that's because I had too much bronzer on the brush. The bronzer did a great job of adding some warmth to my face; I applied it to my forehead, cheeks and nose and I looked naturally tanned. There is a shimmer in the powder, however it is extremely fine and does not show up too obviously on the skin. I am really happy with this bronzer and can't wait to use it during summer. 
Details: The bronzer comes in 3 shades (Light, Medium and Dark) and retails for $22 each. 

It looks quite dark in the pan however it applies much lighter. 
A heavy swatch. I built up a few layers for it to show up heavily on the skin. 

So far I have absolutely loved all of the products from the Mecca Max range. I think they are really great value for the price tag and the quality is comparable to some higher end brands in my opinion.

Have you tried anything from the Mecca Max range? What did you think?

xo Roxane.

Friday, 10 November 2017

LIFE EDIT: When you know you're officially an adult

Source: Pinterest
Adulting is definitely hard work and it's only when you stop and realise just how much of a grown up you are is when it hits you the hardest. I, like so many others (I'm sure) have 'imposter' syndrome and often feel like I am living somebody else's life, because deep down we are all just basically muddling through. I suppose the point it, we never really feel like we are fully fledged adults. Sure, we may hold down responsible jobs (who on earth put me in charge of two employees, who?) vote, drink, pay bills (do they ever stop) and create our own families, but I don't think we ever really feel like we are a proper grown up. And, the older you get, the more you realise how your parents and grandparents must have felt exactly the same way.

Here are some signs that you are a fully-fledged, functioning adult. Hopefully you'll be able to relate to some of these!

A great night involves pyjamas, the couch and a big glass of wine. In my younger years I used to love going out to bars and clubs. Ok, maybe more to dress up and use my latest makeup product (shimmery body oil anyone?) but there was no denying the excitement of heading out with your girlfriends, making eyes at all of the cute guys in the club and always ending the night at a fast food place. They were fun, carefree days. Nowadays? The thought of having to put on high heels, choose an outfit and actually comb my hair fills me with dread. Sure, I could recreate those memories by dressing up, heels and all, rounding up all of my equally uninterested friends and spending the entire time wishing I was anywhere but a sticky, gross nightclub, or I can simply relive those memories in my head while physically sitting on my couch, in my daschund print pyjamas and sipping on a lovely glass of pinot noir. Do you get my drift? Home is where my heart (and wine) is!

When inconsiderate drivers piss you off and you have no problem telling them off. Years ago I’d be too meek to speak up but not anymore. Shaking my head, giving people the finger and tailgating are just part of my daily commute into the city. My tolerance for idiotic drivers is very low and I find myself shaking my head at younger drivers, muttering 'bloody kids these days'  all too often.

You'd rather stay in and cook a homemade meal because it allows you to save money towards things you need, like a Kmart shoe rack (it's great by the way). Eating out is great but there comes a point when you realise just how much those brunch dishes add up.  Making your own meals is way cheaper, plus you get to stay in your robe #winning.

When you get that everyone has their own lives, including your own. Years ago I'd make the effort to rush around and visit everyone, but as I grew up I realised that all my spare time went to everyone else and not to me. Prioritising becomes a huge thing and you learn when to say yes and when to decline.

You hear yourself talking to someone at work and realise, holy crap, that's me speaking. I am sure we all have a demeanour at work which is different to the one we have at home.

You think you look pretty good for your age until you see a photos of yourself from 10 years ago. Where did my naturally dewy skin go? Wah.

You realise that your kids or nieces and nephews see you as really old. This is actually heartbreaking.

By the time Friday rolls around you are dead tired. I can barely make the drive home, and when I finally pull up to my driveway (such relief) the first place I visit is my couch.

Feeling as comfortable as possible is the number one goal. I no longer wear heels unless absolutely necessary (me: can I get away with flats at a wedding?) and all of my clothes are soft, cosy and baggy. These days comfort definitely precedes anything else and I find myself wondering if I can get away with wearing fleecy pants to casual day Fridays at work (sadly no).

You cannot deal with drama from friends and family anymore. I’ve learn to let this go. If someone is rude, negative or high maintenance I don’t need them in my life, full stop. That’s the beauty of getting older; you realise you don’t actually need to accept this type of behaviour anymore and it is so liberating! Of course, there will always be difficult people but you’ll learn to just deal with it and move on.

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you can relate!

xo Roxane

Monday, 6 November 2017

BEAUTY EDIT: October 2017 Product Round Up

Despite putting myself on a shopping ban, I've managed to accumulate enough products for a monthly round up post. In my defence, the products listed in this post were either necessities, heavily discounted or included in a beauty subscription so I don't feel as guilty! 

Keep reading to find out what products I used during October! 

Natio Silken Finish Foundation in Medium. I picked up some Natio products from a shopping tour recently, and couldn't resist this foundation. This is a medium coverage, mineral foundation that glides on with a brush applicator. It has a soft, demi matte finish, perfect for a natural look. It is a lovely foundation to use for the daytime, however I find the coverage to be more on the sheerer side. I applied it when I had a few breakouts and it did not completely cover my blemishes. The shade Medium is slightly too dark for me, and in hindsight I probably should have purchased the Light shade for my light, yellow toned skin. Overall it is a lovely, natural coverage foundation, and would work really well on younger skins that don't require much coverage. 

Natio Radiant Mineral Blush Palette. This product also made it into my shopping basket and I am so glad it did because it is stunning! The palette is made up of five different shades: a peachy shade, an apricot shade, a brown based shade, a dark berry shade and a soft gold shade. All shades are shimmery and softly pigmented. When swirled together, the shades create a beautiful peachy colour and it actually quite similar to the Too Faced Peach Blush. Each shade can also be used on its own as a highlighter or eyeshadow, so it's a versatile product to have around! I really love this blush and highly recommend trying it out. 

Batiste Instant Hair Refresh Dry Shampoo in Blush. I've become so lazy recently with washing my hair, and will really find any excuse not to wash it (I've gone from washing it every second day to twice a week). This Batiste Dry Shampoo was a travel sized can included in a previous Bellabox and after sitting in my bathroom cabinet for weeks, I decided to use it to prolong my blow wave. I am so glad I did as it's truly the best dry shampoo I have ever tried, hands down! I love it so much that I also bought a full sized can. Like most dry shampoos, it leaves a white cast in your hair but is easily brushed out. I normally leave it in for around 5-10 minutes before brushing it out, and it does an amazing job of soaking up any excess oil and making it appear full and bouncy. The scent Blush is a lovely soft berry scent which isn't overpowering and gives the hair a nice smell. I am now officially a dry shampoo convert and cannot live without it. 

QV Face Moisturising Day Cream with SPF 30. My Clinique City Block sunscreen recently ran out and I was in the market for a cheaper alternative. The QV Face Moisturiser with SPF 30 is a product I used throughout my twenties and absolutely loved, so I decided to try it out again. It is just as good as I remember and does a great job of protecting my skin against the sun. It is also dermalogically tested (great for sensitive skins), gentle on the skin, fragrance and colour free. It is priced for around $12 so it's a really affordable option. I wear this under my day moisturiser and it never feels greasy. Highly recommend this product! 

Olive Oil Skincare Company Soothing Balm. This was included in last month's Bellabox and has quickly become a favourite. Prior to Bellabox, I had never heard of the Olive Oil Skincare Company and a quick search on the internet revealed an Australian owned company who have created a whole range of olive oil infused products. You can read my previous review here but it summary, this Soothing Balm is a multi purpose product that can be used on cuts, bites, dry skin etc. I have been using it as a lip balm and my lips have never felt softer. 

So that rounds up the products used throughout October! Let me know if you have used any of these products in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

xo Roxane. 
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